Wellbeing for Education Return

Ahead of the full return to education in September, a new training scheme has launched to improve wellbeing and mental health support in schools and colleges. View the full press release from the Department for Education here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/8m-programme-to-boost-pupil-and-teacher-wellbeing

Wellbeing for Education Return

Wellbeing for Education Return seeks to better equip schools and colleges to promote children and young people's wellbeing, resilience, and recovery in response to Covid-19. As well as strengthening and building wellbeing and resilience, this aims to prevent the onset of mental health problems and ensure those with pre-existing or emerging difficulties access the right support.

There are two elements to the national project:

  1. A new national training package providing guidance and resources for education staff on responding to the impact of COVID-19 on the wellbeing of their students and pupils.
  2. Leicestershire County Council to appoint local experts to work with partners to adapt this training, deliver it to nominated staff in education settings locally, and provide ongoing advice and support until March 2021.

There will be minor regional differences on how the national project is delivered locally - this is to ensure the programme is developed to meet local need. There will also be subtle differences depending on your school setting. Please see below for more information.

To participate in the Wellbeing for Education Return programme, you should register via the appropriate stream below, e.g. Primary, Secondary or Special/Independent.